Custom Made Leather Clothing

Our bespoke process begins with a personal consultation with Andrew West. Andrew West will guide you on style and leather options, detailed measurements are taken and the design development begins.

Patterns are drafted, and fitting muslins, in the couture tradition, are created and perfected before any leather is cut. We make as many muslins as necessary to achieve your perfect fit.

Every garment is individually hand-cut. It is not uncommon for a garment to involve 50 – 60 or even 100 pieces before it is constructed. Each piece is sewn start to finish by one pair of hands. Lacing, appliqué and inlay work – all of these special treatments are done completely by hand. Even our exclusive stretch leather is entirely hand-guided machine work.

The end result is a beautiful, unique garment of incomparable fit and quality that you will wear and enjoy for years.
Everything the ‘Andrew West, London’ label goes into is constructed to the same exacting standards. Many of our clients still wear pieces purchased over 15 years ago, off the rack, from our original company.

Our menswear selection is strictly Bespoke at this time.

Orders are completed on a first come basis. During July thru February (our busy season) lead times can be extended so please plan ahead.

Our custom made leather is an investment that will long out last any off-the-rack luxury label.


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