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The first watch winder I built was a special commission by a Saudi Prince. He asked me to design a discreet cabinet that would display, wind and protect twenty-five automatic movement watches. The final result was amazing! My client was thrilled with the cabinet. After completing this project I decided to create the Bishops and Regency watch winders collection for people who care for their luxury watches.

Being a watch collector myself I know the merits of keeping your cherished time pieces fully wound. So to me, the mechanical movements or the inner workings of the watch winders are as important as the beautiful exterior – hand finished in your choice of exotic veneer. Andrew West Watch Winders are unique as they blend master craftsmanship, fine wood work, the worlds finest veneers with the best mechanical movements and electronics available

AW Bespoke

They’re designed to gently rotate your timepiece to power capacity – the microprocessor inside the winder activates a servomotor causing the watch to rotate and rest every three minutes then repeats the cycle. This process is self-regulating and therefore eliminates any risk of damage due to over – winding. Watches placed on the winder are held securely in place by soft cushions that adjust to all sizes of leather straps or metal bracelets. The watches are held extremely securely on the winder with no danger or damage to the wristwatch.

The motor mechanisms runs almost silently on a safe low voltage that is powered by batteries or by A/C adapter. Each module is operated individually so there is no waste energy. They’re convenient and easy to use – fully automatic, with no complicated settings.

And last but not least they are works of art. Each cabinet or box is made entirely from hand, using only the best materials in the world. Meticulous care and attention to detail is paid to each and every piece we make – the results we believe speak for themselves – I welcome you to our showroom to see the Cabinets for yourself. I am confident you will agree they are the best quality watch winder cabinets and boxes available in the world.

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