Andrew West is a skilled cabinet maker who has been in business since the 80’s. During this time he and his team have furnished and made bespoke furniture for homes across the globe.

Andrew comes from a creative family, his father was a tailor, whilst his mother was a professional seamstress and dressmaker.

Whilst helping his parents, Andrew learnt many skills including: sewing, fabric cutting and pattern matching.

These skills later came in use for upholstery on chairs and headboards.

Andrew West was born in London, the youngest of 9 siblings. His parents came to the UK from Jamaica in the late 1950s, not intending to settle here. Andrew’s family noted his keen eye for style and detail from a young age. He observed his father, a bespoke tailor, who insisted on tasks well completed. Andrew’s direct experience of his father’s tailoring tuition kept him out of trouble! Mother was also a trained seamstress. She would always consult Andrew for the ‘best look’. The whole family expressed their creativity in different ways. Andrew was a clever miniaturist. From his early teens he impressed people with his handmade drum sets, snooker tables with players, and dolls houses. He show cased and sold this work in prestigious London department stores.

Andrew quickly had to become self sufficient when his parents returned to Jamaica in the early 1980s.He accelerated his plans to start his own furniture business after being recognised as a gifted cabinet maker during a brief apprenticeship. Andrew remained successful in this business, overcoming many obstacles to remain buoyant.

Andrew quickly had to become self sufficient when his parents returned to Jamaica in the early 1980s.”

Andrew continued optimistic and creative when faced with local and global pandemic restrictions, with Lockdown in 2020. He turned to his passion: clothes. He designed and made leather jackets of the highest quality and style that he knew a demanding clientele would enjoy wearing. Some of his furniture clients approached Andrew, enquiring after his jackets with their unique detail. Extending the range, he identified manufacturers that could deliver to his high standards.

We know you will enjoy choosing from a selection of jackets and other products that meet your requirements for quality, original style, and attention to detail. Our skilled team will ensure you have your perfect fit.

Andrew West Bespoke

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